Waxing poetic

I am just a little bit obsessed with Waxing Poetic. Just recently, Crockers Jewelers started carrying this line. I have seen it before, but to be totally honest with you I didn’t really pay that much attention to it…Until now, and I am definitely obsessed. This line of jewelry is so affordable and they have … More Waxing poetic

Drinkable collagen?

So, there is this thing…for your skin…that you drink? YEP! Lol, honestly I was a little bit confused when I first heard of this drinkable collagen. I’ve been seeing this stuff in magazines and articles all over the place. So when Neocell reached out wanting me to try their product I was thrilled. I tried … More Drinkable collagen?

Clearance Event EXTENDED!

As if the Crocker’s sale wasn’t good to begin with, they just extended the sale to June 30th AND added an extra 10% off all remaining sale items!!!! They still have tons of great items remaining. Stop by to check out the remaining sale, and grab an extra 10% off !