Well here it goes…after many months of going back and forth, talking myself in and out of it…I am starting a blog! If you have read my ABOUT page, you will learn that fashion is something that I am very passionate about and have loved basically all of my life. Seriously though, like for as long as I can remember I have loved fancy things and wearing high heels. My aunt has a teeny tiny foot and once she gave me a pair of cobalt blue high heels to play in. Dang, I loved those shoes. I think I was in the 4th grade and could wear her shoes, lol. I wore the shoes ALL AROUND the house. I would walk back and forth in front of the full length mirrors that were in my bathroom just looking at them. I did this so much that I left heel marks in the linoleum. They are still there to this day. Fashion is something I am confident with but blogging is very new to me so hang with me…it will only get better. My hopes with the blog are to help you find inspiration and outfit ideas along with finding confidence in yourself. Put on a smile everyday, and remember…life is a party, dress like it.