New Bling

Oh my goodness, I just shot some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve ever seen and I can not wait to bring these to you on the blog. I’ve got several new blogs coming for you, showcasing all the new arrivals that Crockers has coming for you this season. Of course if you don’t want to wait you can always head over to the store and check it out in person 😉. While you are there go ahead and start that wish list to make shopping a breeze for your sweetie! You won’t believe how gorgeous these pieces are! All of the pieces were hand picked by the Crockstars at the JCK jewelry show in Vegas this past summer. As always, you can style anything from Gabriel up or down, it goes perfect with any look whether it be casual or dressy, layered (my fav) or going solo.

This first line I am bringing to you is a personal favorite, Gabriel New York. I have a few pieces from this brand in my personal collection and I LOVE! Gabriel New York is a line of fine jewelry and fashion pieces as seen in InStyle, Elle, and Harpers Bazaar. Also called Gabriel and Co. They have pieces starting at $125.

There is this one pair of earrings though!! They are so good I’m giving them their own paragraph, lol!!! They are the staff favorite by far. Seriously, when I walked in the door one of the girls said “DOLLIE I have to show you these new earrings”! They are a pair of 14 Karat Yellow Gold Prong Set Half Carat Total Weight Classic Diamond Hoop Earrings for $1,540. They also have convenient screw backs to ensure you won’t lose them! Let me tell you the pictures just don’t do them justice, they are great!!

We had so many great pictures that I tried to organize them for you into categories: Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings (including THE pair everyone is loving), so some pictures may be a repeat (sorry) I just felt the need to categorize, lol.

All photos: Amanda Magness Photography

Rings: Amanda and I were OBSESSED with these rings!! The first set is a group of individual rings we just stacked to create this beautiful look.


Necklaces: layered of course!

And last but not least THE earrings that have everyone, and I mean everyone, in the store drooling

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