How to layer necklaces

I know that you have noticed the layering necklace trend. If you haven’t where have you been? Lol, seriously though pay attention to ads, people on tv shows, bloggers, etc and I promise you that you will notice the layered necklace look. It’s h-o-t!

I personally love layering my necklaces. You can create a new look everyday by mixing and matching and making each style your own. You can mix diamonds and pearls, as well as long and short styles. Your options are almost endless, however you should keep a few things in mind if you are gonna sport this trend.

First things first- mix long and short. Make sure the necklaces you choose to wear vary in length. By doing this you can wear multiple necklaces and still be able to see all of them. If you wear them the same length they will lay on top of each other, where you can’t see them and you don’t want that. Show off that bling sister!!

Second- I wouldn’t recommend layering more than 3 necklaces…maybe 4. Why? They will create a tangled mess! I don’t like to wear more than 3 for this reason. I wear a choker length, a mid length and a long one. I typically also choose smaller dainty styles, but that’s just my personal preference. I think they layer better and are not overwhelming.

Lastly- make it your own. One of the reasons I love this look is the nearly endless options that you can truly make your own. The look is effortless and adds loads of personality to any look.

Do you need some help getting this look started?? You know where to go! Crockers Jewelers has an endless supply of necklaces in every shape, size, color and price range to fit your needs!

Photography: Amanda Magness Photography

Oh…and I had to throw in this ring because I just love it!! It’s the perfect everyday ring!

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