Drinkable collagen?

So, there is this thing…for your skin…that you drink? YEP!

Lol, honestly I was a little bit confused when I first heard of this drinkable collagen. I’ve been seeing this stuff in magazines and articles all over the place. So when Neocell reached out wanting me to try their product I was thrilled.

I tried it for about 4 weeks before I noticed any difference. There seemed to be a decrease in the depth of my forehead wrinkles. My forehead is my problem area, with my lines and melasma. I would guess there was probably a 25-30% reduction in the depth of my wrinkles. Hey it seems like a small amount, but Ill take it all day, every day!

I read where some people put in smoothies or mix with other beverages, however I simply put it in a blender bottle with water. The taste was actually really good too, so I didn’t mind drinking it.

There are other benefits for your skin other than just the collagen. This product has hyaluronic acid which is great for your skin as well as biotin which is good for not just skin, but hair and nails.

Many thanks to Neocell!!!

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