Spring and Summer clothes on a budget

Do you find yourself wanting to buy some new duds for spring/summer but need to do it on a budget?? Yeah , me too! I’ve put together a little collage to help you do just that. If I did my math right, all of this is under the $200 mark. Right now I am all about making life and my wardrobe simple. I read a fellow bloggers post the other day on how she was simplifying her wardrobe…keeping it simple, classic and comfortable and I was like YAAAAAASSS!!! So with that being said, I found some basics that are super on trend at SUPER affordable prices! I recommend you start your summer wardrobe off with: the perfect T shirt and Tank, a great pair of denim shorts, straw bag or clutch, jumpsuit, fun earrings, white skinnies, a cool sundress and some amazing sandals. You can mix and match, dress up or down but one things for sure….start with these basics and you will be covered for those hot summer days ahead.

Fashion does not have to be expensive. It is so easy to get caught up in what someone is wearing, and OMG I have to have that new shoe!! lol…trust me I do the same. Whats important is how you feel while wearing them, not how much they cost of where they came from.

Summer Wardrobe

Straw bags- – I love this brand

Straw Clutch – Poms are soooo fun!

Denim Shorts– This is a really good new line of denim! They have different lengths and colors.

T Shirt – I have these and they are great! The perfect length and they are not super thin. I belive the are around $8 or they sometimes run specials and get them 3 for $20.

Tank Top– I also have this one and love as well. Watch for sales and coupons from here. I got mine during promo sale for $5.

White Skinnies– we saw white skinnies all winter long and they havent gone anywhere. Keep wearing them.

Jumpsuit– this one is so stylish!

Earring 1– Fun earrings can make a simple outfit POP.

Earring 2

Stripe Dress– Ok let me tell you a little about this dress. Its $9.97 and one of the best little summer dresses I have. You wont believe me when I tell you, that it came from Wal Mart. I have no idea who the buyer is for them…..but a major kudos to you for picking up this new line. I seriously felt like I was in an old episode of The Simple Life….(you remember that show Paris HIlton and Nicole Richie had) well in one episode the girls were introduced to Wal Mart for the first time and they went nuts in the clothing section because they couldn’t believe how cheap all the clothes were… Only this time I was blown away at the quality. The fabric in this dress is surprisingly very good, and when I tell you that, I mean that this dress is just as good of quality as some of my dresses I have gotten a popular department stores. No lie! I. was. shocked. But stoked cause I only spent 10 bucks!

Bow Slide– I also have this shoe, its comfy and cuuuuute!! Also comes in red.





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