Some fun, easy, free or affordable things to do with your kids

Sorry I’ve been MIA from here lately. I have been enjoying spring break with my little family. I’ve tried to distance myself from social media this week and focus on family. We didn’t take any fancy vacation or big trip, we simply hung out together, kept it simple, and made memories. Don’t get me wrong I love a vacation but sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy the simple, everyday things around you. An added bonus for this is that it is relatively inexpensive!!! Lol. Next time off you have or weekend take some time off like I did and enjoy the simple things.

1. Build a campfire 🔥

Our first night off it was nice out and we built a fire in the backyard. Chris and I sat around listening to the kids talk, laugh and giggle. It was a nice relaxing start to SB.

2. Cook

Get in the kitchen and cook with your kids!!! Yes, it’s a bit messier and takes longer but I promise you kids love cooking with you and it’s a great learning experience. Kids are not only learning to cook (survival skill,lol) they can learn to measure also. We made a homemade pizza for lunch one day. You could bake cookies, bread, pie or anything really. Kids just enjoy helping you in the kitchen.

3. Go outside and enjoy NATURE

Luckily we have a walking trail close to our house. It used to be an old railroad that ran through our city years ago. The city tore up the tracks and paved a nice trail for you to run, walk or ride bikes down. I go running on this trail occasionally but I’ve never taken the kids. This was by far one of their favorites! As we rode we discussed things we saw, smelled and heard. It was fun and educational. The kids have asked everyday since to go back, they loved it.

4. Go to a state park

Not too far from where we live is a state park in Arkansas where you can (hold your breath) DIG FOR DIAMONDS!! Hello ?!?! What more could a girl ask for? Ha! Seriously though, apparently it’s a super old volcanic crater that erupted a super long time ago and brought diamonds, amethyst, quartz, jasper, peridot and other gems to the surface. My friend and I loaded up the kids one morning, packed a picnic lunch and headed out. The girls were convinced that we were coming home with a car full of diamonds that they were going to sell to Crockers Jewelers, lol 😂. The park really is cool, and most all kids love to dig in the dirt, right? That’s pretty much all you do is dig in the dirt. Sounds kinda boring for an adult, but you would be surprised. When the hunt is on for a diamond, things can get serious! They have nice picnic tables all around and we were able to have us a little picnic that we all enjoyed too.

5. Gather some friends

Something so simple can be so refreshing. One day my friend and I gathered our kids up and met at their cabin to let the kids play. It was so nice to sit and let the kids play and us have some girl talk.

6. Read a book

So much of our time is spent on social media or playing on our phones. What good is this doing us? Everyone is different, but for me it’s not doing much for me. I figure reading something instead will better myself. I made a goal for myself to read or listen to at least one faith building book a month for the whole year. I have read 2 books already this week and am working on my 3rd! You really don’t understand what a major accomplishment this is for me because typically I do not like to read. So far this year I have listened to ( on Audible) The life giving home and Chop wood, carry water. These are great and I definitely recommend them. So far this week I’ve finished What a girl needs from her mom and Fervent. Fervent is a powerhouse book that will completely change your prayer life!

Something I have learned this week, is that it is the simple things in life that bring you great joy.

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