Rainy days ahead

How does one wardrobe plan for a weeks worth of rain?? You break out the rain boots, of course. I also found THIS pair for you gals who want to be really snazzy in the rain. (How about that heel!) Even this quilted version is a dressier look. I even like the shorter version, shown here.

Really though the next 5 days are all 60 – 100% chance of rain… But can you wear rain boots and still look half way professional?? YES, you can. I have thrown together a few quick ideas for those rainy days ahead. Oh, and please don’t judge…I will iron and accessorize later!!

I took these photos with my Amazon Echo Look. EEEK its a fun little thing. Right now you can purchase by invitation only, I’m not sure why…so needless to say I was thrilled to get one. My favorite thing…it blurs the background, lol. Lets face it, I am a mom and I work, there are pillows in my floor along with toys and laundry…so there. I wish I were that blogger who takes the selfie with her perfectly made white bed in the background…but no, sorry. Maybe one day. Enough ranting…the echo look is a super cool tool to have for those of us who can’t decide which outfit to wear and your BFF isn’t there to help you get dressed. You simply say “Alexa take my picture” and SNAP you have a photo. You can compare the looks and submit them to Amazon’s team of stylist and you have a reply within one minute. Or you can just use it as a photo diary of outfits you like to wear. It will over time, show you a pattern in your style. It also does most of the other Alexa features as well. The kids LOVE for Alexa to tell them a joke, lol!

I definitely see a pattern in what colors I like to wear, lol. Which look was your favorite? I would love to hear from you. Always leave me comments and tell me how you like the look, love or hate. Along with any style questions or tips you might have.  Until next time, hugs and kisses for now, MUAH


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