Gift ideas under $100

I have rounded up a few gift ideas that are all less than $100.

Holiday under 100

Ugg Slipper– anything UGG is a must. There is just no other fur like theirs.

Barrington Gifts Book Jacket– This place is a new favorite of mine!!! I have this exact book jacket and use it everyday!! It comes with a gold foil edged notebook that is just perfect! I whip it out everyday and jot down notes, to do’s, blog ideas, or take notes in Church. It is one of my favorite things for sure.

Kendra Olivia earring- Kendra anything makes a great gift.

Adidas run swift– whether you are a runner or just love the casual look, a good pair of sneakers is key!

Moroccan Oil– I swear by this stuff!! I use it in my hair after every wash, and I put it on Ella’s too. It makes our hair so healthy and manageable. Ella calls it “shine” lol…it just makes your hair pretty…trust me, you wont regret this purchase.

Nordstrom 2ct. CZ earrings- So, ok, these are cubic zirconia and not diamonds…BUT I have these exact pair and they look amazing so, who cares! I love them.

 Flannel PJ’s– PJ’s are a must at Christmas! They are probably one of the most gifted gifts! These are a good quality and good price.

Natori Robe– If I could live in a robe, trust me I would. This one is on my wish list this year. I tried it on in the store, and just wanted to melt into a pile of mush. It is SO SOFT

Patagonia pull over- have someone thats hard to buy for?? Anything Patagonia is the answer. Everyone loves a pullover.

Overnight bag– A good overnight bag is essential. This is a great deal on this one. It looks really good and is roomy enough for those quick weekend or overnight trips.

Need more gift ideas?? Message me and I will help you out! Or drop a comment and let me know what it is that you are looking for and I will try to find the best price for you.


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