That’s a wrap, Party that is…

Recently I had a chance to gather a few of my girlfriends and have a gift wrapping party!! My sister-in-law and I were planning a “how to” gift wrap blog when I thought…you know I love to wrap presents but I am always alone and its kinda boring doing it all by myself. So why not gather a few girlfriends, have some snacks and let’s party!! So thats just what we did. I told a few girlfriends to bring their gifts, some paper, tape, ribbon, etc and we will get some wrapping accomplished. We had lots and lots of laughs, drank hot chocolate and sparkling cider and ate a few snacks.

My living room looked like a bomb went off but we sure were productive! I think we laughed the most at Jayme. We will blame it on pregnancy brain! lol. Brooke was making beautiful hand made bows and Jayme was slapping on the sticky pre-made bows. To each his own, right??

And leave it up to Amanda to show up with all kinds of handy tools. Who knew they made gift wrapping tools?!?


Even Roscoe wanted to get in on the festivities. He is such a cute pup in his Christmas collar. He went from lap to lap sniffing out presents (probably hoping one was food) and hoping to get some loving attention. (which he got plenty of, by the way) I thought Amanda was going to sneak him in her purse and take him home.


Not only did we get some major gift wrapping accomplished, we got to share gift ideas with each other. Things like what was on our personal wish lists, great gifts we have gotten in the past, what we have bought this year, where we found the best deals, etc. We all have those few people that are just hard to buy for, but when we all hashed it out, I think we were able to think of some great gifts to get those “hard to buy people”.


At the end of the day, I had all of my gifts wrapped and got to spend some much needed time with friends. For me this was an opportunity to fellowship and get some things accomplished at the same time…it was a win, win! I think this will become a yearly tradition.


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