Style Tips and closet cleaning

Recently I helped my photographer go through her closet and do some cleaning.  Walking into your closet can be a bit overwhelming and daunting at times. Even for me and I LOVE closets! It always helps to have a fresh set of eyes go through your closet. She was already pretty organized, so I helped her weed through some things that she needed to sell/donate and helped her pair her existing things together to make new outfits.

Right before a seasonal change is a great time for a closet cleanout. Out with the old make room for new, right? LOL, I am sure Chris hates that I think that way.

When cleaning out your closet ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Does it still fit?
  2. Is it damaged?
  3. Have you worn it in the last 12 months?

If your answer to any of these is NO, you probably want to consider getting rid of it.

When organizing you want to categorize your things….tops (separated by long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks) dresses, outerwear, pants, etc. You could even get into even more detail and organize your clothes by work and casual and even color coding in each of these categories. I keep it pretty simple in my closet tops, dresses, outerwear, pants. Another tip is to fold your bulky items like sweaters and knit items that will loose their shape if hanging and place them on a shelf. 

Don’t have much space? Use these tips to maximize what you have. 

1. Utilize any wasted wall space. For example install towel rods or shelves to hang things like scarfs or even shoes on. 

2. Stagger your shoes. This is something I recently discovered over the summer as I was cleaning out my closet, lol. If you stagger them you take up less room, therefore you have room for more! Winning 🙋🏼 👠 

3. Use shoe organizers on the back of your door. 

Need some help with your closet? Give me a hollar! 

Photography Amanda Magness Photography 

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