Jude Frances

Jewelry blogs are quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to do photo shoots with and write about.  Who doesn’t love sparkly things?? I have said it a million times, good jewelry can make any simple outfit over the top. Crocker’s Jeweler’s has gotten in a new line just in time for Christmas, Jude Frances.

Every single piece I have seen from this line is refreshing and so fashion forward. The exquisite and intricate designs in this jewelry had me in awe. It is just simply, beautiful.

Jude Frances is probably most popular for their line of design your own earrings. You choose the earring, then a charm that goes on the earring. Charms, charms and more charms. Give me all the charms? YES PLEASE, lol. There is a large variety of charms to choose from so all women, no matter your age or style will find something they love, I am sure of it.

This line also encompasses everything you need to express your own style and remain classy; rings, bracelets, and necklaces, you name it. They can all be worn individually or stacked and paired with other pieces to create a whole new look.

Do yourself a favor and head on into Crocker’s Jewelers and check it out for yourself. Play around with the customizable items to create a look just for you.

I’m just saying, half of this line may or may not be on my Christmas list!! LOL. All kidding aside, I love this line, I know you will too. It is worth just stopping by to look at. Hey…maybe it will end up wrapped under the tree for you.


Jude Frances earring charmsJude Frances earringJude Frances earringJude Frances round stone earring

Jude Frances necklaceJude Frances braceletsJude Frances triple diamond ringJude Frances braceletsJude Frances stackable ringsJude Frances ring

In Collaboration with Crockers Jewelers

Photography by Amanda Magness Photography


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