Favorite Planner AND a GIVEAWAY

Recently, in an attempt to get my life in order I bought myself a planner. My BFF is a planner queen. She is always so organized, and has the cutest planner ever! She’s a doodler so she has cute little sketches and drawings in hers to keep her days planned out… I am so not a good doodler, but I did find some really cute stickers! Lol. I bought myself this adorable Kate spade planner. Now each day I can go to my planner and look at the day or week ahead to keep my life on track. I have enjoyed using it so much I thought I would give one away 😍!!! The color of this planner is a beautiful blush pink, which is sooooo hot right now. This planner not only came with a Calendar but also tabs for important dates, birthdays, to do list, notes and more. If you are super busy, try a planner to help keep you organized, it has helped me. Or enter this giveaway!  

Click HERE to view more about the planner.

Links to Instructions for the giveaway below. 

Photography by Amanda Magness Photography 

This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with anyone in anyway. It’s simply a giveaway from yours truly. Good luck

Instructions are on my Facebook page and Instagram Page 

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