Restyling your jewelry

Your jewelry can make or break an outfit, its the icing to a cake. Jewelry…it means something, it has a story to tell.  Its made up of the things that get all up in my feels…its timeless, classic, sparkly, and can be passed down for generations. Ever since my childhood I have adored “family jewels”. My family has several pieces of jewelry that have been handed down for several generations. The most special piece to me was a diamond pendant that was my great Aunts, also my namesake (Dollie).

When my great great Aunt Dollie was 13 years old her father took her to New Orleans, keep in mind this is the early 1900’s.  While there he wanted to get her something special for her 13th birthday. They found a jeweler who designed this beautiful diamond pendant and she requested 13 diamonds since she was in fact turning 13. The jeweler was superstitious and said 13 is an unlucky number, lets do 15 diamonds instead. So as luck would have it, she wound up with a diamond pendant with 15 diamonds.

Over the years, and after I was born, she gave the pendant to my mom so that one day I could have it. This pendant was stunning, however my mother wore it maybe once a year. It was sad to see something with so much meaning, beauty and history sit in a jewelry box.

Years later, I meet this man of mine. I knew instantly this was a one of a kind love,  different than any other, old fashioned, deep and true. They just don’t make ’em like him anymore. SO when it came time to talk about a ring, I wanted something just like him. One of a kind, old fashioned, beautiful, and has a story to tell. (if you know my Chris, he ALWAYS has a story to tell, lol) I instantly thought about my Aunt Dollie’s pendant.

Crocker’s Jewelers is the only place I trusted with my timeless heirloom. I took it to Shane, told him I wanted a ring out of the center stones and he said “No Dollie, I can’t take those diamonds out without causing too much damage to the rest of the pendant”, since it was so old. He explained that he could however create a new ring using the center of the pendant and build a ring around it. This was actually Chris’ original idea when mom said we could use the pendant.

I never in a million years thought my mom would let me tear the pendant up into 3 different pieces, but she did. Crocker’s was able to take my treasured piece and turn it into my wedding ring and a pair of beautiful earrings. This was a big ordeal for my family, lol. My bonus mom wanted in on it too. I wanted my ring to have 15 diamonds just like the original pendant, so my bonus mom gave 10 diamonds of hers to adorn the sides of the ring, so that I could keep the original number.


Crocker’s made all my dreams come true and then some. I trusted them with the 100+ year old treasure and they created something new and so special. Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are just sitting in a jewelry box? On September 23rd Crocker’s Jewelers will have a designer in house who will work with you to restyle your treasures. You will work right along side them while they work their magic in creating you a new piece. Turn something old, into something new.

Don’t let your jewels just sit undiscovered in a box somewhere. I think my Aunt Dollie would be proud that I am able to wear and enjoy her pendant every singe day. It may not be in the original form, but I take it with me every day and now symbolizes something so true to my heart. Your family would want the same for you and your jewels.

What story will your jewelry tell?

In collaboration with Crocker’s Jewelers


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