Diamonds and a Crown 

One of my goals as a blogger is to write about good deals that I run across. Currently for the month of August, Crocker’s Jewelers has their Diamond Days event going. If you are in the market for a new diamond or an engagement ring, now is a great time to go look. You can get up to $1000 off a new mounting. Thats a huge savings!

Every girl needs a crown, right? Ummm…Yes! I’ve always loved crowns. They are beautiful and represent so many things; poise, beauty, righteousness, integrity, and honor. Not to mention sparkle like crazy 😜. They come in different shapes and sizes, even colors.

As I was scoping out the Diamond Days deal at  Crocker’s, I was introduced to a new crown, one with with diamonds that is, and you wear this one on your finger!

This ring is called “The Crown Ring” and it was designed by a Noam Carver. At first glance it looks like a beautiful stunning solitaire. However, when you look a little closer you notice the intricate and ever so beautiful 60 sparkling diamonds that encase the solitaire from underneath, creating a crown.  Crocker’s has this beauty in 3 different sizes and each holds a beautiful Forevermark Diamond adorning the crown mounting.

While there admiring this stunning piece of jewelry, another ring caught my eye. This next ring holds a stunning emerald cut diamond, with cascading diamonds down each side of the ring.  Every turn and angle on this ring is covered with diamonds. This center stone was set in a Uneek brand setting. Each mounting was custom made by Uneek for that specific diamond. That’s pretty special for a company to custom make a ring specifically for one diamond. But this diamond is just that pretty. These pictures really do not do either of these gorgeous rings justice. They are must a see in person. If you’re in the market for a ring anytime soon, these are worth a look.

Both of these rings hold Forevermark Diamonds.  In case you missed my previous post about Forevermark diamonds, these diamonds are so special and rare.  Each one is unique and holds its own number. Literally the number is in the diamond, and will be there forever.  When the girls first told me the number is on the diamond, I thought who would want a number plastered on their diamond?!? LOL, well no worries, you can not see it, it is invisible to the naked eye. When registered you will be able to get key info on your diamond. It will tell you the year it was discovered, its rough carat weight, and its polished carat weight. Forevermark even encourages you to name your new diamond when you register it. How cool is that? Will someone please name their diamond Dollie??

Photography by Amanda Magness Photography

This blog post was in collaboration with Crocker’s Jewelers. 

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