Miller Sandal

Everyone is so consumed (including myself) with the Nordstrom Sale right now. Things that have sold out keep popping up momentarily back in stock, only to sell out literally seconds later. I thought I would bring you a little gem (NOT IN THE NSALE) that I splurged on for my birthday gift to self/from mom. THIS Tory Burch miller sandal in the newest print…

LEOPARD. My FAVORITE!!!! I have other TB Miller sandals, but this one, it takes the cake. Leopard is a neutral so wear them with anything! These sandals usually sell out quick when a print is released. Sizes are already limited so be sure to check here and here for sizing.

Photography: Amanda Magness Photography


One thought on “Miller Sandal

  1. LOVE your leopard Millers. I’m a huge TB Millers fan as well. In previous years I’ve bought all the basic colored Millers and this year Tory has released some fun patterns like these leopard ones. So fun 🙂


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