Kids seasonal clothing

Fall/Winter is my absolute favorite time of year. For many reasons, one of them being my kids seasonal outfits. The start of school means that football, cooler temps, falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, gingerbread, and wishing for snow is just at our fingertips. I LOVE to dress my kids in seasonal themed clothing, especially Ella.  I recently picked up my kiddos up a few things at Lindsay Kate Designs. These girls have super super cute kids and women’s clothing at very affordable prices. Suzanne and Brooke started Lindsay Kate Designs in 2014 with personalized jewelry gifts and stationary. They then expanded about a year after that and added women and kids clothes. They have a large range of prices making it where there is truly something for everyone.  Even though I enjoy dressing my kids in the cutest seasonal clothes, I struggle paying high prices for them since they can only wear them a few weeks out of the year. So when I saw the price points of LK Designs seasonal clothing, I was very pleased. I think each piece was under $40!!

My primary job is in Education, as soon as I laid my eyes on this School Bus dress I knew that it was a must for Ella.

kinder first day dressschool bus close upSchool bus dress

How adorable is she gonna be for Meet the Teacher or First Day of School???? Lindsay Kate Designs is going to help me make sure that my little Kindergartener is dressed her best. (Did I just say Kindergarten?? time slow down) They also have the most adorable hand painted bows that you can personalize for your particular school or mascot. I ordered Ella a Texas Tiger bow, with a Tiger eye, of course we added bling to it also. Can not wait to get it in!

spider applspider dress looking down

Sweet little spider.

jack o lantern shirt

I was very pleased at how well made these lines are. Not only are they are affordable prices, but they did not skimp on quality. This T-shirt is super soft and snuggly.   Bo’s such a little stinker! He’s looking like a little stud muffin in his Halloween attire. Who needs a  costume, when you can look at that face!!!

silly boyHe is such a silly boy. He likes to strike a pose when the camera comes out. He actually loved this outfit and did not want to take it off!

Sibling Halloween outfit

Loving this Halloween sibling look! Boys set (pants and shirt) $32

Spider dressThis corduroy jumper is simply the cutest for Halloween . At $33 its a steal!  I love the polka dot details!! (Undershirt is separate, but they can order it for you)

Bo jack o lantern face

This is Bo’s best Jack-o-lantern face, lol.

But this….Y’ALL

christmas dressclose up christmas dressred christmas dressscalloped collar

THIS dress is so precious. It is the softest red corduroy with the sweetest scalloped collar and delicate stitching detail. There is just something special about a Christmas Dress. This one takes the cake. Not only can she wear it for Christmas, but it will also carry her all the way to Valentines Day.

The owners of Lindsay Kate Designs are local girls, and I love to support local businesses.  These girls can help get you and your kiddos looking fashion-forward. They both have amazing style and keep up with the latest trends. They are like a one stop shop, lol. Not only do they carry women and kids clothing, but they have amazing gifts as well. Got a birthday gift you need to buy or looking to shop early for Christmas? You can get it all done in one stop. I also have some personalized stationary that they carry, its the most amazing quality, and of course its cute! I highly recommend it. Visit their Facebook page Lindsay Kate Designs to check out all of their latest finds and shopping events that they have coming up.


XOXO- Dollie


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