Phew…I’ve been through 3000+ items already this morning. Yes, I’ve been up for hours. 

Things I’ve quickly learned from the Nordstrom sale: 1. ruffles are back for fall baby!! 2. Continue to bare those beautiful shoulder girls because that trend is sticking around for another season as well. 

 Surprised me: velvet

Unexpected but loved: Pom Pom socks! Haha! Really though, it reminds me of my grandmother in the 80’s! My friend Andrea will understand this love, lol. #80s babies. I literally giggled when I saw them. 

So…this board contains just a FEW favorites! I am working on more boards for you 😍 so stay tuned in the coming days. 

My first board is all things under $100. Looks like I have a pink, ruffle, and tie trend going on. Can you tell I like girly things?  

From the top then left to right: 

Jeans– this pair looks super cute, and a great price. 

Booties– I will be purchasing this pair! I saw them in the catalog and 😍 them.

Cardigan– everyone needs a slouchy cardigan. I love this blush color. 

Earrings– I bought these last year during the sale and I get soooo many compliments on them. They are stunning. 

Tie pullover- There is something about this pullover that I really like. It caught my eye even though it’s fairly simple. The tie at the front adds just enough spunk for me. I think this will be a super cute and easy “running around” look. 

Ruffle Jacket- I love a ruffle and a jacket. Together it’s perfection. 

Sandal– ok these shoes, GREAT! Nothing is greater that a good, sexy sandal. If you wanna live on the edge a little check out the gold color! 

Tie front Blouse- I apparently have a thing right now for tie shirts. This one though makes a statement with the oversized tie. 

Tie knot sweatshirt- this one is almost just like the other one on my board, but a different color, still really like it. 

Cold shoulder– this shirt gets all the 😍 emojis ever! I am purchasing this top. I.LOVE.IT.

Gathered neck blouse– this shirt is going to be so fun to style. Wear it under literally anything and let that amazing neck detail pop out, or pair it alone with slacks or denim for a classy look! Love it! 

Stripe shirt– I’m really feelin this off the shoulder top! 

There are so many more amazing deals in the sale. I’ve got my eye on a few beauty things as well…all that coming up, I thought under $100 would be a good starting point, especially since most of these are well under. 

Please note some of the links are affiliate links. If you click/buy using the link, I may receive a commission. I have taken the time to create these looks in hopes that shopping can be made easier for you and to help you achieve a look that is classy and timeless yet on trend. This is a passion of mine, if I can help you in anyway with achieving a certain look or style hit me up! 😘 



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