Yoga pants outfit

In a recent blog I had a few friends comment jokingly about me doing a yoga pants outfit. So… here you go! 😃

First things first, when wearing yoga pants you MUST do 2 things. Make sure they fit properly and make sure that you cannot see through them. One thing I always do before I buy them is put my hand in them at the store and pull them to stretch and see if I can see my hand through them when the material is stretched. If you can see your hand through them chances are when you put them on and stretch them out across your derrière… you will see through your pants and everyone will see your Tush 😩😳. NO GOOD! 

Secondly, it is my opinion that yoga pants look best when worn with a longer top. I always wear mine with one that hits me at least just past my hips, if not longer. I prefer to completely cover my rear end, but will wear hip length. 

Ok, so now that we have establish some ground rules let’s get to the good stuff!! COMFORT! I wish I could wear yoga pants all day every day, can I get an amen girls??   Unfortunatley my job will not allow me to do so. But I do wear them every chance that I get. I’ve been eyeing this brand of pants at Nordstrom but just hadn’t broke down and got any, until nordstroms sale they just had a few weeks back. I’ve seen other bloggers post these pants before too so I knew they had to be good. I’ll be getting more, I love them!! They are so comfortable and guess what???  You cannot see through them. You can pair yoga pants with several things, solid color tops, graphic tees, hoodies, long jackets, the list goes on. I like to pair mine with a graphic T. Which, if you’ve read some of my other blogs you know graphic tees are one of my favorite things LOL. The ones I’m wearing are two of my favorite! The super cute chips and queso one is actually from last year, I bought at Gypsy Waltz (super cute Gypsy/Boho boutique…check them out) and the other go to T is from Snazzy Chic’s (I think I wear this one at least once a week 🙄)

Photography by Amanda Magness Photography 

This post is not a sponsored post. It is simply my opinion of fantastic style 😘

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