Crocker’s Jewelers Big Annual Sale

Y’all!! Hellodollie blog had an exclusive sneak peak at the Annual Crocker’s Jeweler’s sale this week. The sale is always amazing and defiantly one of my favorite sales of the year. This year maybe one of the best ever, they have some stunning pieces on sale. The store will be closed (today) Thursday the 8th in order to prepare for the sale and reopen on Friday.  I’m posting several teaser pictures for you to feast your eyes upon, believe me they will have your mouthwatering. 

I love the whole experience of shopping at Crockers. Heck I love to shop anywhere but really, shopping at Crockers is an experience. The “CROCKSTARS” are always very helpful and knowledgeable on the latest jewelry trends. But it’s so much more than that…This is a very special store. I was lucky enough to see the building process start from the dream and vision of a new store, the very start of construction, all the way till the finish. The owners are just like family to me and very near and dear to my heart. So I can honestly say that I saw alot of heart and soul go into this store. One of the things that they do so well is for anyone and everyone to be able to come in and have a good shopping experience, and shop with ease. One of the best and most convenient things for me is their kids room!! I have usually always have at least one of my kids with me when I go in the store. So I am able to hand them a cookie (get one for yourself too, believe me they are sooooo good) and send them to the kids room while I shop. It’s a win win, a cookie for them shopping in peace for me. 

Now for some jewelry…

For starters this diamond bangle bracelet, ahhhh.  Regular $5500 on sale for $3300. This is such a timeless, classic look and something that you could hand down for generations to come. 

This diamond pendant necklace with white gold chain is nothing short of exquisite. This is something that you would see from across the room, it’s that pretty in person. Regular price $6999 on sale for $4250. 

The first picture really captures the joy I have when I put this ring on my finger. A diamond band is one of my absolute favorite all-time jewelry pieces. Regular $6000 on sale for $1800. 

This is another really fun ring choice that they will have on sale. The picture really doesn’t do it justice in person it is super super cute and a fun piece to wear right now. It is rose gold with black and white diamonds regular $1299 on sale for $519.

This piece I could not quit staring at. It is so pretty!!! I just kept looking at all of the diamonds and the detail work in it, truly magnificent. Regular $5699 on sale for $2279.

Can you tell I love rings? Ha ha. Well I do and this one is super Duper fun. It’s so long and pretty on your finger. It will be a conversation starter. Regular $4299 on sale for $1719.

This line is one that I have several pieces from. I get compliments on them all the time, and they are very affordable. These airings though we’re probably my favorite, I have a lot of black so these would match a ton of stuff in my closet. 

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