Best face wash for Acne.

Acne free skin is what everyone dreams of, right? I do.  I didn’t have acne until I was an adult. Now I have cystic acne…you know the hard kind deep under your skin that NEVER goes away. I have seriously had spots for over a month before. You can’t help but pick at them 🙄.  A few years ago I went to my dermatologist and she prescribed me some medication that was supposed to help. A few hours later my pharmacy called, that can’t be good right? It wasn’t…they said Ma’am, this medication WITH your insurance is about $800, we have a coupon though that drops it down to around $300 😳. Say what??? If it were a one and done fix I would say sure but 300 a month,  no thank you.  So when I called my doctors office back and see if they suggested anything else since the medicine was a no go for me she suggested this cleanser. I’m telling you guys, It was sent from make up heaven 🙌🏻.  It’s their own cleanser, so it’s not in really fancy packaging which helps make it super affordable! It’s less than $25 🙌🏻. I use it with my clarisonic brush, which also changed my life a few years ago when I took the plunge and got it. If you have been debating on a clarisonic brush, go ahead. You will not regret it. My breakouts have been reduced drastically since using this cleanser. I’d say my breakouts are 75% better. I’ll take that all day, every day.  It has two ingredients that work wonders, glycolic and Salic acid. This cleanser comes in 3 different strengths. I think I have the medium strength, but if you want to try it and are new to it you may want to start out with the lowest strength. If you are unsure just ask them at Texarkana Dermatology or the adjoining spa where the products are at Escape to Bliss




This post is in no way sponsored, it is my own opinion of a great product.  This product has truly changed my skin game, So I wanted to share it with you all to see if it could help your struggles as it has mine. 

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