Happy Mother’s Day 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers, grandmothers and special ladies out there! 

My children ❤️…my children and husband are my greatest blessing in life. These kids are something else and always keep us on our toes. They are a combo of Chris and I both, ella looks like her daddy and acts like her mama…Bo on the other hand looks like me and acts like a combo of his daddy and my brother 🙄…lol

Ella has these big beautiful bouncing spiral curls, that fit her big bubbling personality so perfectly.  She’s crazy smart, very opinionated and loves music. She takes violin lessons and is begging to take piano too. I have no idea where she got her musical talents from because her daddy and I do not have them! At all, lol!! She’s my best little friend and I adore our mommy and daughter time, it is so special and I cherish sharing my love of all things girl with her. 

My Bo boy… he’s a big ole mama’s boy and everything I had dreamed of…you see I’ve always dreamed of having a little blonde haired boy that looked just like me… from the moment Ella was born all I have heard is “she looks just like her daddy”. So when I found out I was pregnant (he was a BIG Surprise) I thought this one better look like me!! Well, I got him and then some…he can melt my heart and test my patience like none other and all in the same second. Let’s be real and not pretend mamas, momin’ ain’t always easy. That child is so strong willed, my word he is strong willed. When he sets his mind to something, it’s hard to steer him away from that…I have to color my hair often now to cover up my gray that I’m convinced he is causing, lol. However, my strength comes from the Lord 🙌🏻 and he helps me be the best mama I can be. Bo loves all things boy, (especially his daddy’s fuel truck) he’s rough and tumble and it’s his way or the highway, ha ha…He’s my boy, my Bo boy, my baby. 

I had always envisioned being the “perfect” mom. Always happy, smiling, cook perfect (healthy) cute meals for them, hair and clothes on point, house clean, laundry done…I was going to rock this mom thing… I’d say “I’ll never…” blah blah blah… that was before I had kids. I learned real quick after I had Ella to NEVER say NEVER. I ate lots of crow! Haha I think she alone did all of those “I’ll never” things I had said my kids would never do. 

I’ve had to learn to let things go, it’s ok to order take out,  sometimes reading a story, kissing boo-boos, playing outside and snuggle time is more important than picking up the toys, vacuuming or finishing that extra load of laundry that needs to be done. That is a hard pill to swallow because growing up you could eat off the floor in our house it was so clean. My house might not ever be as clean as my moms but you know what, that’s OK I am my own supermom. I am not the world’s view of a “perfect mom” but I am perfect for Ella and Bo.  I guess I am rocking the mom thing, just not the way I had originally intended. At the end of the day, the kids are fed, clean, kissed/hugged, clothed and I have yet to admit myself to a mental hospital 😂…I’d say I’m rocking it 🙋🏼👊🏻💪🏻.  I do my best, we have fun, laugh a lot, have lots of hugs and kisses, play chase and more importantly my kids know that I love the Lord, love their daddy and I love them. We are all a super star moms in our own ways, embrace it, YOU are amazing. I’m convinced that God made moms the strongest thing in earth. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Xoxo Dollie 💋

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