Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is just around the corner…are you prepared?   I have put together a little list to help you. I actually had a really hard time with this though. There are sooooo many great gifts, I could hardly choose.

Mom’s have such a special place in our hearts, I am so proud to be one. I was blessed in life with 2 Moms. God knew it would take two of them to raise me, LOL. No clue what I am getting them yet….I think I better get on it 🤷🏼‍♀️

I didn’t intend to go with an all pink theme, it just happened. Can you tell its my favorite color??

mothers day board


These Slate and Tell rings were in a blog post last week, and my Mother’s Day gift. I can not wait to get mine in with my trio: Ella Bo Mom. You can custom your rings here or if you are like me, I ordered mine locally at Crocker’s Jewelers.


Every mom needs a good set of pearls. I’ve mentioned before in blogs, I’m a total Lagos girl. This Lagos pearl bracelet is divine. Crocker’s Jewelers also carries this Lagos beauty. 


Tory Burch is my style icon. I love every single thing in her line. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. This handbag is on my wish list. It has an interior removable pouch, and is super roomy. PERFECT for the mom on the go. Also comes in a few other colors. 


Again, I love Tory Burch. This perfume, ahhh, the smell is wonderful. Perfect for any mom and its under $100 for the set!!


Moms run on coffee, or at least this one does 🙋🏼. So why not give mom a super cute coffee mug that she can take with her?!?! I love this one. Don’t like coffee? Put your favorite drink in it and G-O.


These earrings are EVERYTHING. Seriously tassel earrings are so on trend right now. Every mom needs to be on trend, right? They come in a great variety of colors. They even have a mini version of these for those gals who like a smaller earring. I have these in black, and have my eye on a few other colors as well. Love them.


This bracelet is also on my wish list, its also on SALE (less than $40) Its a steal! It looks great by itself for a minimal approach, or layer it with your watch or other favorite bracelets. I really really like this bracelet.


Moms are the busiest things on earth. Sometimes we just need a good catch all so that we can throw those little things (jewelry, money, paperclips, etc) in when we are running around and in a hurry. I have a few catch all’s in various places around the house (laundry room, bedroom, kitchen, desk) and I think this one is about to be added to my collection. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this, its ADORABLE.


Another great gift idea is acts of service. HUH?? Really, though just think about it. How happy would your mom or wife be if she came home to a clean house, laundry done, supper cooked (or go out to eat), dishes done, yard mowed, car washed, grocery store shopping done, massage…catch my drift? Show her how much she means to you with an act of service. She will be over the moon, I promise.
I think I could do 47 more idea boards for Mother’s Day gifts. However I will keep it to one…maybe two, IDK yet. And looking back over this, I sure have a lot on my wish list, poor Chris. 

DISCLAIMER- This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. If you click/buy from some of the above links I may get a small commission if you buy from using that link. 







16 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gifts

  1. i am little confused what to gift my mom this mothers day – she’s going for an east European trip this May maybe something that’ll help in trip!


  2. Oh im following your insta. Saw it this morning and had an urge to order my mom something nice. I ended up buying a tumbler similar to yours at Indigo and a few other things.


  3. My favorites are the You Da Mom trinket tray and the tassel earrings! Tassels are the hot trend now and my Mother In Love is obsessed. She will get all things tassels this year for Mother’s Day!


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