Want to save $275 on shoes? Uhhh YES please! 

Not only can this blog post save you $275 it will have you looking quite stylish as well. These shoes are some of the hottest shoes out for spring and summer. I have seen these shoes all over some of my favorite bloggers posts, magazines, and fashion email articles that I get. But there is one catch…to buy the designer version of these for shoes was close to $450… I found some amazing dupes and all four of them (TOGETHER) are around $170. I currently own the top 3 and highly recommend them. The bow slide is my next purchase 😍.  Whether you go with the designer or the dupe, your feet will have some serious style. These shoes are the must haves of the season girls, you need them!! Want to know where to get these amazing shoes? I have linked them below.

Designer dupe shoes

Espadrilles : designerdupe

Sandal : designerdupe

Pom Pom sandal : designerdupe

Bow slide : designerdupe



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This post is my own opinion, I am thrilled that I can help you save some money with some amazing dupes or help you get some fabulous designer sandals. Some, not all, of the links are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you buy/click from my link.

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