Spring Jewelry (part 2)

There were so many amazing pieces in my spring jewelry must have list, I broke it into two blog posts. Spring is the perfect time to go out with the old and in with the new. I am calling these jewelry posts “Spring” jewelry, however all of these items can be worn anytime, any season. Spring is just a good time to invest in new pieces for the new year ahead…PLUS stores (like Crockers) have had time to re-stock their shelves with new inventory after the Christmas rush.  Again I can’t stress enough how important good accessories are. They are worth the investment and can make or break any outfit.

First up today is Lagos. I had Lagos in my first post and again today. Everyone needs Lagos! I have a few Lagos items that I wear almost daily. This new blue line is everything. It will pair with endless color combos so you are sure to get a lot of wear out of it, regardless of what you are wearing.  Even if you don’t chose a colored stone, these bangles and the link bracelet can be paired together or with your watch. I wear my Lagos bangles ALL THE TIME. This X ring though, it’s amazing. This is the diamond version, but it also comes in a version with their signature caviar beads instead.

Every girl needs pearls, and lots of them. Add tassels of pearls and it makes my heart go pitter patter. This necklace is a dream.

Let’s talk for a minute about diamonds. Diamonds are an investment and the easiest thing to style. They will last forever, match anything, and can make a boring ensemble sing! This line by Shy Creations is so fun, on trend and surprisingly affordable.  I LOVE LOVE their stuff.

Ring 1Ring 2EarringShort necklaceLariat necklace – bracelet

Photography by Amanda Magness Photography

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