Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for about a month now and I have been asked several questions about it. I thought a FAQ blog might be helpful…

Q. What is a blog and why are you doing it?

A. A blog is a website that is frequently updated about a particular thing or topic. The topics are almost endless. Through a blog, people are able to express themselves and/or show their creativity.  I chose fashion/beauty because that is a topic that I love. I enjoy studying trends and designers and spend hours looking through fashion magazines and scrolling through websites looking at clothes. Through blogging I realized that I actually enjoy writing as well. I am not claiming to be good at it I just like it, LOL. When bloggers get really good and have enough experience they can get sponsorships from businesses, people, or companies that they really like. 

Q. How do you know what to blog about? 

A. I’ve basically just decide that on my own. Of course it depends on the season and current trends also. One of my sister-in-law’s gave me a journal. It has a pink flamingo on the front, she knows I adore pink flamingos!! I write a lot down in that journal. There is a verse from the Bible that says “write the vision and make it plain on paper”. I’ve heard Teri Savelle Foy speak on this, twice actually. She says that we should write our goals down and pray about them.  So…I write my goals, visions, and ideas down and pray about them. No, I don’t pray about clothes, lol…but I do pray about my goals and visions for my blog. 

Q. Where are your favorite places to shop?

A. I shop randomly at different places, online and in store…however, I most frequently shop at Dillards, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, and  Target. 

Q. Who are your style icons?

A. I have A lot of favorites. The two that come at the top of my list are probably Tory Burch and Victoria Beckham. I love love love their style…it is very clean, classic and elegant, with an occasional edge. Those things never ever go out of style. 

Q. Can you help me go through my clothes? Can you help me shop? Can you just be my personal shopper? 

A. Yes, yes, and yes!! I would love to, just contact me. 

For me fashion is so much more than just clothes and beauty products. It’s hard to put into words…it’s beauty, style, expression, art…and it just makes me warm and fuzzy 😁, it’s my happy place. 

My super cool and talented photographer surprised me with this one day and it is a perfect quote about fashion. 

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