Valentine’s nails with my favorite girl

I so enjoy my girl time. Just so happens, my girlie girl Ella loves to get her nails done! She get’s it from her mama 😊. So as a pre-Vday treat we went and got Valentine’s manicures. I’m very traditional when it comes to my nails, so getting a design is very out of character for me. However this subtle heart on my ring finger was just what I needed to add a hint of festiveness, and just enough to convince Ella that I did in fact have “valentine nails”.  Ella on the other hand wanted full on pink glitter! Ella LOVES glitter. Once we were on our way home, it was dark in the car and she couldn’t see. I heard her sniffling in the backseat. When I asked what was wrong she said “mama all the glitter is gone from my boots!” I quickly turned on the light and said “baby, glitter never dies.” She was thrilled when she saw her Uggs glittering again, lol. Now we have this saying to each other that “glitter never dies.” 

Watch ⌚️Michele from Crockers Jewelers 

Bracelet Lagos from Crockers Jewelers– I think I wear this one everyday. I ❤️ it because it goes with literally EVERYTHING! I love simple and dainty things. 

Ring custom design from Crockers Jewelers 

Much love to Amanda Magness Photography 

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