Living in the “hood”… Motherhood, that is.

This is the hardest blog by far I’ve written. Ive been working on it for almost a month…typing, deleting, typing, editing, typing, staring over…lol…. Motherhood can be a tough subject, and I do worry about stepping on toes.  Putting myself and opinions out there about fashion and beauty products is NOTHING compared to putting myself … More Living in the “hood”… Motherhood, that is.

Miller Sandal

Everyone is so consumed (including myself) with the Nordstrom Sale right now. Things that have sold out keep popping up momentarily back in stock, only to sell out literally seconds later. I thought I would bring you a little gem (NOT IN THE NSALE) that I splurged on for my birthday gift to self/from mom. THIS … More Miller Sandal

Forevermark Diamonds

 My go to jewelry store is   carrying a truly remarkable line of diamond jewelry, called Forevermark. These are not just any ole diamond, these are unique. What makes them unique? Each and every diamond no matter how big or how small is given a special number inscripted  using a special tool on that particular … More Forevermark Diamonds

Kids seasonal clothing

Fall/Winter is my absolute favorite time of year. For many reasons, one of them being my kids seasonal outfits. The start of school means that football, cooler temps, falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, gingerbread, and wishing for snow is just at our fingertips. I LOVE to dress my kids in seasonal themed clothing, especially Ella. … More Kids seasonal clothing


Phew…I’ve been through 3000+ items already this morning. Yes, I’ve been up for hours.  Things I’ve quickly learned from the Nordstrom sale: 1. ruffles are back for fall baby!! 2. Continue to bare those beautiful shoulder girls because that trend is sticking around for another season as well.   Surprised me: velvet Unexpected but loved: Pom … More #NSALE