Doves and Daisies

Up next on my month of boutiques with amazing fall lines is Doves and Daisies. This is my co-workers online boutique and let me tell you she has super cute stuff, that is affordable! I picked out a few of my favorites from her fall lines to bring you on the blog today. All of … More Doves and Daisies

Living in the “hood”… Motherhood, that is.

This is the hardest blog by far I’ve written. Ive been working on it for almost a month…typing, deleting, typing, editing, typing, staring over…lol…. Motherhood can be a tough subject, and I do worry about stepping on toes.  Putting myself and opinions out there about fashion and beauty products is NOTHING compared to putting myself … More Living in the “hood”… Motherhood, that is.